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October 2007
You wouldn't know it from the weather we're having here on the East Coast but it is supposed to be getting cold.  I was going to go to the beach last weekend if I didn't have a cold I've battling this week.  I am feeling better so maybe if this Global Warming thing keeps up, I'll go down there this weekend.
I did this job for Women of Spirit a while ago for a recent issue with Bryan Gray.  It is a heart-warming story about a woman who sees a homeless man standing out in a below zero storm as she goes into a food store.  She buys him a sandwich and soup to help him out.  A real sappy story to warm the 'ole bones.
Since I ate my share of soup this week to help fight my cold and I finally met Bryan Gray (in from Idaho) and put together a lunch for him at the Society with a few fellow Drawgers, I thought this was a timely post.
Printed Piece
Final thumbnail ideas. Three out of 8 pages worth with different views and subject matter.
Peter Cusack and Bryan Gray. We walked up to the Met after lunch at the Society.
Since we're on the subject, I did this on the train ride home on Friday when my cold was at it's peak. I was thinking about Alka-Seltzer Cold & Flu medicine...
Robert's Snow Interview
For some odd reason, for the last three auctions, I've been asked to contribute to the Robert's Snow Auction.  It is usually reserved for children's book illustrators but they still keep asking.  That's fine by me because I did it to help raise money for cancer research.  This has been one of my pro bono things that I do yearly.  The two 'causes' I usually do stuff for are Cancer and Diabetes research.
I think it is important to contribute to these thing, especially if they a reputable and are actually getting things done.  The Robert's Snow auctions have raised over $200,000 so far.  The 2004 auction was even developed into a 'children's book' of the snowflakes created in which the profits go toward research.
I was asked to be interviewed for this blog on the Robert's Snow artists.
For more information: Robert's Snow Website
Iraq (Repost with Bonus Images!)
(featuring Johnny)
This is a reposting of these drawings based upon my thoughts about the Iraq War. 
To clarify, I ride the train three days a week in and out of NYC and I usually do a drawing each way.  Lately, the theme has been on the war.
I thought I'd add a couple more so it isn't the exact post again.  For you to enjoy....
Bonus Image #1!!!
Bonus Image #2!!!
Quimby Gallery Show, Vermont
Yesterday I shipped out 22 paintings for an exhibition I was invited to have at the Quimby Gallery at Lyndon College in Vermont.  I will also be doing a digital slide lecture later in the evening opening night.  If anyone is nearby it'll be cool to see you!
Quimby Gallery/Lyndon College | 1001 College Road | Lyndonville | Vermont | 05851
October 11-31, 2008
Packing up the art for the show.
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