Scott Bakal
January 2007
My new limited edition book, Pasadena (and various drawings from sketchbooks 10 & 11) was released a couple of weeks ago.
I would personally recommend buying will make your life so much better.  You will find that all your worries will be reduced; tension headaches disappear and cute Swedish girls will find you more attractive.  Of course, for the women, a blond, tall, strong man named Sven will be knocking on your door holding chocolate in one hand and whipped cream in the other.
Pasadena Book
Various Spread
Various Spread
Various Spread
Various Spread
Premature Valen-jaculation
So I went to CVS to pick up some good know...NyQuil.  It was on the 2nd or 3rd of January and I have been congested and sick through Christmas which I don't mind saying...sucked.  I am feeling better now which has helped me focus back on work.
As I walking to the back of the store I notice that the center aisles were already LOADED with candy hearts and Valentine's Day items.  Over a month before!
Watch out, they may start putting up Easter stuff this weekend.  Geez, these companies are in such a rush to get the earliest dollar in.  I say, don't buy Valentine's stuff this something a basil plant.  The gift that keeps on giving.
So, with all this in mind, here's some art.  Happy Valentine's Day.
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