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Society of Illustrators 52

DECEMBER 7, 2009
Liberty Magazine, Art Director: Bryan Gray
I am a little late getting this out there into the world with everyone else but I am so grateful and happy to say that I got these pieces into the Society's 52nd Annual!

Working with Bryan Gray is awesome because he pretty much let's me do whatever I want when I work with him and this was one of those jobs.  I gave him three ideas, he picked the one I liked also, I did the job.  There can't be a better way to make a living.

You can see the sketches and the original post for this piece here.

(SOLD) Bill Ward, Cut to the Drummer
Black Sabbath!  You know, as a kid totally in love with music and Sabbath being one of my favorite bands in my teenage years, it really is a neat thing to be abe to do a painting about one of the members and be recognized this way for it.

Here's a link to the original post for this painting.

Deforestation was one of those piece I did for myself.  It started with the idea of the cut tree and horizon tangent and sort of grew from there as I was doing it.  A snail on fire loosly representing the slow government enacting laws that help the environment; the nude 'mother nature' figure facing the issues....it all sort of worked itself out in my head as I was doing it.

Here's the original post.


To add a little more happiness, I recently got the new copy of Spectrum 16 in which this Alien painting below was accepted! As a matter of fact, this painting will also be in the new Society Annual 51 which will be coming out soon.  I love Spectrum and always find the work interesting.  You wouldn't know it from my work but one of my main sources of inspiration when I was a kid into making art was fantasy art a la Dungeons & Dragons so I get all 'geeked' up when I look at this stuff.

In a bittersweet twist of fate, someone emailed recently about purchasing this painting after seeing it in the Spectrum book but sadly, the painting was stolen and I have no idea where it is.  :o(
Intergalactic Neighbors, ICON5 Conference