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Illustrator Party - New England

AUGUST 26, 2009
Back on August 16th, I was cordially invited to an annual illustrator get-together up here around Boston.  I was a little worried because all I kept hearing about was tequila, tequila, tequila!  I thought, 'Jeez!  These guys are serious!'

As it turned out, we had a wonderful day of talking about art, looking at each others sketchbooks, drawing, catching up with regular life stuff, eating some great grub from our two hosts Rob Dunlavey and Alan Witchonke.  It was also nice to meet some new people too!

Alan Witchonke, Tamar Haber-Schaim, James Kaczman, Elizabeth Traynor, Rob Dunlavey, Stephanie Oddleifson, Jim Roldan, Robert Saunders
Mark Fisher, Alan
Sean Thomas, Elizabeth Traynor, Jim Roldan, James Kaczman
Tamar, Mark and Saunders
All these shots above were during the brunch over at the Dunlavey's.

Then a bunch of us decided to head out to the local park and do some sketching.  RobD took us up to a rather interesting nook called the Hunnewell Pinetum.  We didn't draw very long, maybe an hour, because it was a scorcher of a day and we all agreed, it was time to regroup and head over to Alan's for the dinner.

Just shooting right in front and behind me and all around taking in the beauty.
...then the festivities of the evening began over at Alan's place.  Great BBQ and everyone brought a little something to add to the mix...

Yes...that is a bottle of something-or-other with a scorpion inside a cobra's mouth!

Hey! There's John Dykes!
The celebratory shots!
Dinner was BBQ'd well marinated steaks and corn, salads, salsas, vegetables...the works!  It was a great 12 hour day with some great folks.  Cheers!