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The Refractions of Inner Light

AUGUST 11, 2009
Once in a while, when I really think about it, I would find myself in times of my life that are a bit darker than others.  Now, I think everyone goes through those sorts of things because life can be an interesting, weaving road trip of emotions.  What I find interesting is that sometimes, I don't necessarily realize I am getting into or in that sort of frame of mind.  You know, just by travelling through life and being preoccupied with work and other things that keep a mind working in a dozen directions, life becomes a sort of haze.

So one day, sitting around staring into space finding a moment to reflect on what's going on around me, sometimes I am surprised to find that I am not all that happy with some things going on around me because maybe, I just get used to things or not paying attention all the time.  Not that I am miserable, but find myself definitely in need of switching some things around.  Other times, things are just wonderfully perfect.  It depends upon the instance and things going on around me.

So when I got this job from Yoga Journal, the text sort of reminded me about this internal thing and which I assume others have.  It's not exactly what the paragraphs were about in the article, but that's okay.  The text and my experiences came together and worked perfectly.  Sometimes, maybe, you just have to stop and 'dust that inner gem'.

Thank you to Charli Ornett and the gang at Yoga Journal for another great job.  On newsstands now.