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Exhibition in Dallas

MAY 12, 2009
Scott Bakal

The 4th Wall Gallery
2925 Fairmount Street
Dallas, TX 75201

Opening Reception: May 21st  7PM
Show runs through until July.

In 2009, I decided I wanted to start doing more gallery work. Matthew Abramowitz, owner of the famed Storyopolis in Los Angeles must have felt my vibes because he contacted me around the holidays asking if I was interested in doing some gallery work. The next thing I know I was shipping 20 pieces to his new gallery in Dallas to be part of a 3-person exhibition.

I decided to finally put my Me + the Devil series up for sale so I am showing nearly the entire series and a few other various pieces I've done more recently.  Usually, I showed the work just for exhibition purposes during my lectures, etc.  The decision was a hard one to put them up for sale because of the time and work I put into the series and the wonderful experiences and successes I've been fortunate to have with it.  I know almost every artist has that pit in their stomach when it comes to selling originals.  It was time for me to move on, I think.  The one piece pictured above won't be there because of a UPS accident which left a six inch tear right down the middle of the piece which I am considering getting repaired and another is now part of the Society's permanent collection.

This is exciting for me because while I've had other exhibitions over the years, this is the first exhibition that I consider a 'big' one for me.  It feels like I am part of a like-minded set of artists who I admire and respect.  I'll be flying down for the opening!

UPS paid full price for the damage on this one.
I built a shipping container after the damage happened with the art above. All of these 'pods' contained 2 paintings and they slid comfortably into a larger box. This box then went into a larger box buffered with styro-foam peanuts (recycled). This system works very well. Oh yeah...and don't use UPS...