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Dykes and Dunlavey "Paintings"

JANUARY 6, 2009
Postcard Mailer
Congratulations are in order!  This might be a little past due but back in December, a couple of Drawgerites and friends had a two-man show up in Massachusetts.  Rob Dunlavey and John Dykes.  I absolutely enjoy and love both of their work.  I was heading up to CT anyway for some family time so I made a bunch of time to go up there and meet the crew.
Unfortunately, I was a bit late and I missed seeing Leo Espinosa and Robert Saunders…apparently by minutes…another time compadres!
Still, I got to see a rather huge show in a very nice space.  Their work couldn’t be any more different from one another which was nice because each of them stood on their own and there really was no conflict in their work.
One view of the gallery.
John S. Dykes – I love reportage.  I do tons of it myself.   To see John’s work that he’s been posting on here for the last year up close and personal was a wonderful thing.  So many that I didn’t see.  His diner pieces take me back to the 70’s when I was a pup and the old school charm of growing up in northern Connecticut.  He also exhibited some of his ‘travel posters’ which I think are brilliant, light and fun.  I certainly walked away with envy after looking at his beautiful work.
John sells prints of his Diner Series.  I would give him a ring and get your hands on one of them.  I’m holding out for an original!
Rob Dunlavey – There are two things I admire about Rob; his sketchbook work which is about as prolific as anything you’d ever seen and his imagination which is nothing like you’ve ever seen.  I have a bit of firsthand knowledge of this because we’ve been working on a project together since July of 2007 and he certainly can keep one on their toes.  The work he chose to display is entirely who he is and even the pieces that were close to total abstractions, you can see some sort of story and intellect as it connects with all the other pieces around it.  He colors and places the objects he creates ever so carefully in the space to create a perfect balance and harmony.
Rob has got a few originals up for sale at Illogator and I am sure he’d be happy to hear if there is something else that you may want that is not listed.
All in all, it was worth the trip to see the art, but better, it was wonderful to see Rob and John but also friends Elizabeth Traynor, Alan Witschonke and Jim Roldan with whom all I went out to a fine Thai lunch with and caught up on what’s going on in my ole’ hometown of New England.
Rob and John looking at a sketchbook.
John, Rob and Alan
Check them all out:
John S. Dykes
Rob Dunlavey
Elizabeth Traynor
Alan Witschonke
Jim Roldan

As a neat bonus story, John told me this story about the Black Rock Service Station building...
"A college kid returning books saw a painting of his father's and grandfather's business (for 40 yrs) on the wall as we were hanging the show...he is from CT…The Black Rock Service Station.  As it was until 4 years ago...small world.  He bought 2 prints for his family."