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'Shake' It Up
William Shakespeare
I've had some successes and failures with portraiture.  I've never been a portrait artist or even a 'likeness' artist. Over the last few years, on and off between other work, I've been working on how to translate my evolving technique into portraiture and think I am finally finding my way through it.  I think, in my case, it is more about the essence of the person being painted rather than a dead-on likeness, although there needs to be some semblance of them.  That's the balance.
That being said, and after some practice, I came up with a couple of good ones including this William Shakespeare.  It opened a new door creatively for me and I like where its heading.  Even better, the Shakespeare piece recently led to doing four conceptual portraits of some scientists for Discover Magazine of which I posted two of my favorites.
Skip Rizzo | Virtual Reality Expert
Eric Anderson | Interview with him about privatizing space flight
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