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Found / Street Art

APRIL 6, 2008
I am piggy-backing on Kroninger’s and my last post at the same time.  I’ve been thinking about posting this stuff in a gallery for a while and Kroninger opened the door.  When I was in Arles, walking around and meandering through the city I was taking shots of whatever interested me.  Besides the 2,000 year old beauty of the place, I also took shots of Street Art.  Some of it was graffiti and stencil art but the other stuff was areas where posters and notices were posted and ripped down then something else was posted on top of it and so on.  I guess I can call it 'found art' or 'accidental art' or if you are a non arty-type: 'a mess'.  I love the look and texture of it.
Here is a collection of some of the shots I took.