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Artists Against The War

JANUARY 4, 2008
America's Peace Campaign | 16"x20" | Acrylic on Canvas
Here is my addition to the Artists Against the War show at the Society of Illustrators.  Steve Brodner asked me to be part of it as I was in the throws of doing some personal drawings on my weekly commutes in and out of Manhattan so I had plenty of material to work off of.  Around that time I watched a few documentaries on the subject which were absolutely horrifying.  One was called Cheney’s Law and the other No End in Sight.  The very idea of how this administration is acting and the complacency of the American people, or even apathy, is truly astounding.
Last night’s Iowa Caucuses was a refreshing clink up to the top of the rollercoaster called the Presidential Elections with some surprising results and with a stance toward change for the future.  My only hope this time around is that people are voting on substance.
I can't wait to see the show and look forward to seeing a bunch of you there.
Detail 1
Detail 2