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Perforated For Easy Removal 2 & 3

DECEMBER 12, 2007
Here are some select drawings from two drawing sessions I attended way back at the end of October and the beginning of November.  The models are John and Rebecca.  John was a good model and Rebecca moved around so much that I am not sure I got anything that really looks like her.  My life is so difficult.
Click here to see Perforated for Easy Removal #1.
....or even better...
Click here to see the new gallery where I'll be dropping these life drawings in from now on.  Go to the gallery to see ALL the drawings not posted here.
I haven't been to one since the beginning of November and I am starting to really miss it.  My Saturdays and Sundays this past two months have been dedicated to working on illustration jobs that overflow from the weekdays.  I am certainly not complaining about that but it sure is nice to go get dirty for 6-7 hours and chew the fat with other illustrators and artists while we heckle the model.  Don't worry, the models heckle us back!
"Hey buddy!  I didn't realize my arm came out of my back!  Why don't you try drawing ME!"  We're all very professional.
My favorite of the day. So simple.
Warm ups.
What a leg! Ha!
I liked this one a lot. I was visualizing what it would look like from a worms-eye view without being...well, in a worms-eye view.