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I Am Being F'ed!

JUNE 18, 2007
Crossroad Blues (I Tried to Flag a Ride)
I am being F'ed in July.
I was F'ed earlier this month when I had to deal with an IRS Tax Audit...that's right, I said AUDIT but that's another story.  No...this is another kind of F'ed.  I am obtaining my second and finally, terminal Master of Fine Arts in Illustration (MFA) degree from the University of Hartford!  Yeah!  WooHoo!  I currently had an MA (Master of Arts) from Syracuse University.
I won't be posting up the final work for the thesis yet because I need to do some more work on it outside of the Masters requirements but I wanted to announce the first exhibition for the series.  If anyone is in the area, contact me because I will be up in CT for the couple of weeks that the show is up.  This project has been an exciting adventure.  I've learned so much about Robert Johnson, that era and music.
An interesting clip:
Son House - Death Letter:  An influence of Johnson with appropriate subject matter.  House said the words: "He sold his soul to play like that!" after Robert left town for about a year to practice his guitar playing and came back with a new amazing ability.  This comment helped fuel the speculations that Johnson sold his soul to the devil.
Silpe Gallery
Hartford Art School
200 Bloomfield Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06117
July 9-20, 2007
Monday - Friday
8:30am - 4:30 pm
I took a picture earlier today as I was framing some of the work.  There are a bunch of black and whites that need to be framed which weren't included in the photo.  After I completed the canvases (and thank you to all who helped me figure out the best thing to do with the edges) I started framing the black and whites.  Unexpectedly, I ordered the wrong mats.  Apparently, in 2007, when you order WHITE mats, you should expect something closer to Egg Nog color.  WTF?  Sheesh!  I am waiting on new color swatches from the framer but it seems like I can't just order WHITE.  It needs to be Artic White or Very White or Polar Bear White...oh brother!  Anyway, here's a snap of just under half the total pieces moments before they were bubble wrapped.