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Memorial Day

MAY 28, 2007
I posted up a version of this a few hours ago but decided to repost it with more information.  Apologies to Randy (and all who e-mailed me) for deleting the post and your comment.
As I was working on my original post a very low flying military helicopter scared the hell out of me as I looked out my top story window to see it buzz my roof top.  (I wish I had my camera in hand.)  I didn't know what that was all about but as it turned out, it signified the beginning of the local Bay Shore Memorial Day Parade.  I heard High School bands fire up and the pounding of the drums.  I grabbed my camera and went down to see neighbors and loads of children lining the street.  I have to say, I was moved by the experience.  I only took a few shots as I was more involved with watching the parade and all the smiling families.
Last night I was working on some sketches for this.  It's a work in progress or may never be 'done'.  I've already done 4 versions.  Original sketches indicated crosses lining across the bottom of the piece.  Maybe too much I thought.  The version posted seemed to work the best for me because I wanted to make it as pure as possible.  The 'bird of peace' remembering our soldiers.  A symbol wearing a symbol.  I wanted to remove violence or 'hard imagery' if possible.
Originally called Decoration Day, is a day of rememberance of soldiers who have died in the service of our country.  In 2000 a resolution was passed in which Americans are asked at 3PM their local time, to pause in their day routine to voluntarily observe a moment of rememberance and respect for those who have fallen.
Memorial Day
My father fought in the Vietnam War.  I am glad that he is still here unlike so many unfortunate others.  Regardless of politics, they deserve our respect for what they do.
Photos from this morning's parade follow.