Scott Bakal
Tree of Choices
Tree of Choices
Amidst the 12 paintings I've done in the last 5 weeks for various projects, I did this personal piece.  This is one of those personal pieces that I really didn't know what I was doing or where I was going with it until I got about half way through it and the concept started to reveal itself based upon what I have been thinking and going through lately.  I did it out of the sheer need to escape for a couple of just start something with no sketches and let my brain go because things have been nuts around here.
This painting is about choices.  All the choices one makes throughout their life, some good, some bad.  This is that moment of contemplation when you look back at all these choices and analyze whether or not each choice, or branch you took was the right one, the wrong one...or the lucky one.
No matter which choice a person makes in life whether good or bad, that person is probably learning something.
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