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Zombie - Tor

JULY 2, 2013
Irene called me to do this job back in February and its finally being released.

It was a tough one - I was surprised that Irene read a story about zombies and thought 'Yeah - I'll use Scott.' I took it on and was sort of wishy-washy about the idea for a long time. The story is about a disease spreading turning people into zombies but it is all written as if you're reading Gmail thread and Facebook entries. The story is pretty amusing and it took me out of my comfort zone a bit - which creatively, at the time, I desperately needed.

I eventually had this vision in my head about a dark figure or face that seemed to be pushed back into shadow - I was worried because I thought it may be too simplistic but the image never left my head.

I wanted to recreate an image similar to when I was young just as I was going to sleep in bed in my dark room and I start freaking myself out seeing figures and shapes within the blackness. Is it a figure? Is it my imagination? I guess the typical 'monster in the closet' sort of thing. Only I wanted one piece that stood out which was the teeth. In the story, you become a zombie by being bit by another zombie.
Irene immediately went for the head-shot image because it reminded her of a profile picture. Originally, I was envisioning a gray background but as soon as I thought I 'finished' it, I saw it wouldn't work. Since there was a psuedo-Facebook thread to the story, a rich blue would not only be appropriate, but helped the piece immensely.

In the end, my fears about this piece were unfounded - it turns out its one of my favorite paintings this year and probably the most creepiest I've ever done. Thanks Irene!
Full un-cropped painting.
A snippet from the story:

Marsha Shirksy got bitten.

Roland Wu wtf? Are you kidding?

Buster Day that is so not funny

Emily Carter omg Marsha are you serious?

Marsha Shirksy I'm not kidding you guys! There was a rager at the supermarket. I could tell he was acting weird and I know I was totally stupid not to just drop my stuff and run but I was in the checkout line. I'm so scared what am I going to do?

Emily Carter Oh honey! That is awful.

Jesus Palanquin Where are you? Get home NOW and lock yourself in and get on the CDC registry. The hospitals are now turning adults away until symptomatic, and the cops have been shooting first and asking questions later in Oakland.

Buster Day oh shit Marsha I'm sorry

Helen Tibbs omg not you too! Marsha sweetie!

Roland Wu @Jesus the incubation period is around 24 hours so she needs to get a couple of weeks groceries FIRST and then lock herself in: http://cdc.org/panemic/acquired-extreme-rage-with-cognitive-impairment-faq.shmtl

Emily Carter Lock yourself in your apt. and I will bring you food. Seriously, we are stocked up like crazy. Paranoid survivalist hubby FTW!

Buster Day @Emily I know I m an asshole for saying this but she just got bit and you are going to SEE her? Is that smart?

Roland Wu @Buster: yes. you are an asshole for saying that.

Jewell Thomas omg no! hugs Marsha

Jesus Palanquin @Roland it is an AVERAGE of 24 hours but cases have been observed with incub pd of as short as 6 hours, read the FAQ you linked to. Marsha how long ago?

Marsha Shirksy it just happened. Emily are you serious? Maybe Buster is right. But I'm really scared.

Emily Carter np honey sit tight. I am on my way taser in hand and you can stay at arms' length :-) :-)

Marsha Shirksy Wow Emily. You are the best. I don't even know what to say.

Fawiza Al-Musari I am in quarantine too Marsh. We just have to hold on and wait for a cure. The best scientists in the world are on it & I have faith it's all going to be ok!!!