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Microvisions 2012

APRIL 26, 2012
Scientist Alien (Realizes There is No Hope For His Planet) | 5x7" | Acrylic and Ink
It is an honor to contribute to the Microvisions Exhibition this year. The exhibition of these wonderful 5x7 images is going on right now at the Society of Illustrators. My piece is called Scientist Alien (Realizes There is No Hope For His Planet) and it will be on display from April 17, 2012 - May 12, 2012.

The aution will start today on eBay - click this link below to be taken there to bid on your favorite pieces.

The other amazing artists in this years auction include: Julie Bell, Scott Brundage, Brian Despain, Nathan Fowkes, Rebecca Guay, Scott Gustafson, John Picacio, Dan Dos Santos, Peter de Seve, Chris Rahn and Terryl Whitlatch. All of whom created stunning pieces of art...I got my eye on one or two myself to bid on!

I originally did the graphite drawing thinking I would submit that but in the end, I felt that a full color piece would be more appropriate. The graphite version is still available and if anyone is interested in purchasing it, I will also donate all the funds to the scholarships.
The money raised by this auction will go to fund the Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Competition. Since its inception, the Society has awarded over $1.5 million to students across the country. Receiving over 8,000 entries this year and with only a little over 200 pieces accepted it has become one of the most dificult competitions to get into (for both student and professional). What results is some of the best student art around. Twenty five judges for 5 long days look through tons of images. It is no easy task but I always have confidence as the judges we bring in are some of the most world-class artists and art directors around. This year's judges were:

Ross MacDonald, Rob Dunlavey, Harry Campbell, Bill Mayer, John S. Dykes, Aviva Michaelov, Roxanna Vizcarra, Gregory Nemec, Rebecca Guay, Chad Beckerman, Donato Giancola, Julia Rothman, Caroline Hwang, Murray Tinkelman, Gregory Benton, Scott Brundage, David Palumbo, Lauren Panepinto, Mark Elliot, Victo Ngai, Jordan Awan, Kim Rosen, Scott Grimando, Matt Rota, Marcellus Hall.

Click here to see the amazing art accepted this year.

I would be remiss if I didn't thank the people that are part of the larger picture. First, my committee who help get the wonderful judges and be a great support team; Jordin Isip, Irene Gallo and Dan Dossantos. I would also to thank the entire staff at the Society for they all help out making the judging and the awards gala happen. They include Anelle Miller, Executive Director of the Society (whom I owe many thanks for), Tara Jacoby for designing the catalogue and of course, the coordinator that I couldn't live without: Kate Feirtag Exhibition and Scholarships Coordinator.

Lastly, thank you to all the enthusiastic teachers. If there wasn't the support from you educating your students how important the Society and the competition is, we would not be able to do what we do. Also thank you to  the former students who have at one time been accepted into the competition and who I often see at the Student Gala every year and support the competition. Now considered world-class illustrators former awardees include Sam Weber, Tim O'Brien, Matt Mahurin, John Jude Palencar, James Jean, Tomer Hanuka, Dan Dos Santos and hundreds of others that keep the enthusiasm high. Thank you.

Photo by Dan Dos Santos