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Rethinking Fear

OCTOBER 10, 2011
Imagine being afraid of trees.  How interesting is that?  I was taken aback a bit when I read the headline because it seems sort of a thing NOT to be afraid of - and certainly not a common phobia.

It was a great article about a girl admitting this fear and how she and others come to terms with this fear. A few visuals came to mind.  Of course, I had the typical 'Doom & Gloom' thing - personifying the tree into some sort of creature which I sketched out but it seemed too...well, typical.  In the end, I thought that showing the tree in its natural state - just being a tree - because that's what trees do. But it would need to look somewhat powerful.  Contrasting that with a smallish and hesitant figure at its base and coming to terms with the tree itself.

This job was compliments of the amazing Patrick JB Flynn at Rethinking Schools Magazine!