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Guns, Vacuums and Lions

APRIL 18, 2011
I've been wonderfully busy lately which has gotten in the way of posting a lot of art so here's a second batch of work that I thought was successful from the last couple of months.  If you've read my 'Creation of a Line Part 1' post, I am working on another.  I just got a great shipment of pens in recently and having a ball with them.  With my very first order through JetPens, I've discovered an inexpensive world of pens that I could buy and try out one at a time (usually).  The most recent purchase was brush pens and gel ink pens.  Loving them!  More soon....

This job above was done for Northeastern Law Magazine.  I got a kick out of doing this job because I teach at MassArt and I can see Northeastern from my building...it's pretty much across the street.

The article was about the obsession and the increased purchases of guns immediately after President Obama was elected.
This job was done for Barbara Koster at Minnesota Magazine.  For the last three years, I've been working for this client and I got a kick out of realizing that I only do one job a year for this client and I always get the call from them around the same time of year.

This was such a complex article to illustrate that I am not even sure if I can summarize it well.  This made the job pretty tough coming up with what I thought could be a solid image for it.  The best way to describe the story is 'a woman who comes into her own by cleaning up her life.'  There was heavy cleaning/house-wife references in the story.  (Sorry, couldn't find the online article.)  There were a lot of other ideas in the article that could've been used but the art director and I settled on this one.
The next day after the Minnesota job, I had this painting due for SooJin Buzelli at PlanSponsor.  The art direction was...wait for it...'something to do with time/calendar.'  ...so I painted this.  :o) 

Thanks SooJin!  Always fun to work with you.