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*UPDATED* 2010 Student Scholarship Competition

MAY 7, 2010
UPDATE:  Just a brief addition:  The show was wonderful!  As you can see from this quick snapshot that I took about 2 minutes before the presentations began, we had a full house and consistently, the turnout rivals any professional show at the Society.  The only way I was able to get to the stage was from the service stairwells in the back of the Society.  The crowd went all the way back and emptied out into the street.

I met so many wonderful students this year!  I wasn't able to get everyone's cards or meet all the students but I was lucky enough to meet some of the talent in this years show.  Some quick shout-outs include:

Victo Ngai ($4000 Scholarship Winner)
Ruth Kim

There was also quite a turnout of professionals.  Some in the audience included Dan Dossantos, Irene Gallo, Sam Weber, Chris and SooJin Buzelli, Zelda Devon, Kurt Huggins, Kristina Carroll, top artist rep Richard Solomon and many others.

I hope everyone had a great night!  More to come about the student show!

If you have a chance, the show is up until May 29th.  Try to get up there and see the show.

PS - This year's scholarships totalled $56,500 plus $50 Dick Blick gift certificates and a copy of Michael Fleishman's new book 'Visual Artists at Work' to all the award winners.
Rachel Pontius | School of Visual Arts
Tonight, the most amazing Student Scholarship Competition in the world opens tonight with an awards gala at the Society of Illustrators Museum.  As always, it will be my proud duty as Chairman of this competition as well as the Zankel Scholarship, to give out over $50,000 in scholarship money to 33 deserving illustration students.

Also, this marks a banner year for the Society as I introduced an ANIMATION category to the Student Show.  It's been on my mind for the last two years and with the amazing help of Anelle Miller, we got it off the ground.  Three winners will receive scholarships and their animations will be shown tonight.  I feel that illustration is so deeply rooted in animation that it was about time to bring this into the Society in a real way.  Over the next few years, we will be expanding that category.

This year's competition had a total of 6,205 entries, the most ever in the history of the competition and 195 pieces were selected by an incredible jury.  That is only 3.8% accepted!

The jurors include:

Alan Witschonke
Orit Bergman
Ronald J. Cala
Q. Cassetti
Jackie Decker
Melinda Beck
Anthony Palumbo
Daniel Pelavin
Betsy Lewin
Zina Saunders
Otto Steininger
Nancy Stahl
Steven Stroud
James Yang
Winona Nelson
Angela Martini
David Flaherty
Heather Jones
Steve Belledin
Ellen Weinstein
Katherine Streeter
Laura Tallardy
Mitch Hooks
Heidi Younger
Laura Zarrow


Society of Illustrators
128 East 63rd Street
New York City

May 7, 2010

6PM - 9PM

In this post are just a small sampling of the art that will be in the exhibition.  To see the award winners and the full gallery of art, please visit:

Society 2010 Student Competition

Congratulations to all the students accepted into the show and who are winning awards tonight.  I saw a sneak peak of the exhibition yesteday and it rivals any professional show I've ever seen.
Miriam Kazarnovsky | Fashion Institute of Technology
Robert Martin | Massachusetts College of Art and Design (My student!)
Alyssa DeVille | California College of the Arts
Jim Tierney | University of the Arts
Sam Connely | Savannah College of Art and Design