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Earth: Fragile Panet Exhibition

JUNE 1, 2010
Mother Nature (and the Impenetrable Lilac Tree) | 18x24 | Acrylic and Ink on Wood Panel
EARTH: Fragile Planet is a nine week exhibit showcasing 120 of the world’s most accomplished illustrators giving them a forum to set forth their personal views about the state of the world and the environment. Divided into five categories: earth, energy, air, water, and wildlife, the exhibit consists of multi-media works including original art in both traditional and digital medium, video, 3D, and comics.

An Opening Reception for EARTH: Fragile Planet will be held on Friday, June 4, 2010.
Detail #1
While I was working on this project, I had some thoughts about where I grew up and how nature orientated I was.  From when I was born until 11 years old when I moved to New York, I lived in a small town called Simsbury in Connecticut.  Largely surrounded by farms, small mountains and forests. Our small bit of property had some enormous trees and in particular, a wonderful lilac bush that towered over me. It was so large I could climb it like a tree. Some of my most wonderful memories includes lying in the grass on the side yard starting up at the sky and watching one of the huge trees sway back and forth in the wind and the sweet smell of lilac all around for the few weeks that they bloom.
Detail #2
I believe that this early connection and enjoyment with nature stayed with me. Any chance I get, I find myself walking to a park or looking at some sort of foliage or lying in the grass. It also sparks the environmentalist in me. Always trying to recycle when I can, driving fuel efficient cars, recycling office supplies and anything I can do to make my footprint smaller on the planet.
Detail #3
Here's some recent press and interview with Tara Jacoby, Kate Feirtag and Greg Manchess about the exhibition.  Congratulations guys!  It's going to be a great show!