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Cheap Trust

OCTOBER 21, 2008
I did this one for a favorite art director Bryan Gray and again, working with him is a dream because I pretty much have the ability to do whatever I think would work for the story.
This story was about whether or not one should put trust into other people.  The article cite examples of people doing good things for others yet still getting 'screwed over' in the end.  I thought of the visual of someone giving 'a flower of trust' to someone else yet the flower itself becomes the source of the pain.
I also wanted to really experiment with a VERY limited palette.  I think there are only 2 or 3 blues, white and a splash of red.  I used a sepia pen for the line work.
Approved Sketch
I thought I would make a comment about this as some students questioned why I send in such rough sketches for approval....really they're just thumbnails.  They're not ALL like this but most of them are.  I think if the Art Director, especially in an editorial market, knows the work, the details aren't always necessary.  Sometimes I'll send in a little bit more refined sketches usually to new clients but I like to keep the ideas looking loose in case I need or want to change something. Laboring over a final sketch at this point sometimes seems to be work that doesn't need to be done and I have a technique that allows for this loosness.
The refined drawing below is what I make for myself prior to the finish.  Sometimes I'll send them this one also just so they know what the real final will look like in the proper format.  Sometimes art directors like to drop final drawings into the layouts as placeholders.
My final sketch.
Final Print
Detail of arm.
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