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AUGUST 4, 2008
While I was in Miami hanging out with Brian Stauffer, we ended up talking about illustrators and art directors, who we've worked for and spinning interesting yarns about jobs and all that.
While out by the pool I said:  "You know, it seems like everyone has worked with SooJin Buzelli except for me! I feel so left out."  Then I proceeded to sob furiously in my hands.
A few days later at home, guess who shoots over an e-mail to do an illustration?  Mrs. Buzelli herself!  Talk about good karma!
It is all true about what they say about her art direction, simple and direct with enough freedom to scare the pants off you.  Her only art direction was:  "Too much/overdoing something"  That was pretty much it.  I sent her some thumbs I posted below and she chose one.  An excellent experience and I enjoy what came out of it.
(Thinking hard:  "It seems like I'm the only one who's never done a TIME cover!"
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