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Conquering Clutter

JUNE 6, 2007
After seeing some fellow Drawgers studios, I think maybe this could be an article they should read...
After doing my "Dead Dad' job for art director Bryan Gray a couple of months ago he liked the work so much that he threw a couple of manuscripts at me and said "Pick one and do whatever you want!"  An illustrator's dream.  We also had some back and forth about the page design also and ended up drawing a hand placing one of the balls into the headline based on one of my other sketches.  It is great to have that collaboration with the director.
I picked this one only because I was beginning to start doing my 'Spring Cleaning' which usually takes a couple of weekends to do...(so far 2 Sundays and probably one to go).  I usually take all the electronic equipment out of the cabinets and desks and clean all the wires and behind furniture, kitchen cabinets...you know...that 'top to bottom' cleaning stuff .  Sparkely fresh.  In the process, giving away stacks of books I don't read or use anymore; going through closets and getting rid of clothes...in all, a very big purge.
Coinciding with my purge,  I have been photographing some real old illustration and art that I've done since 1989 and been collecting dust in the bottom of closets.  Mainly an excuse to go through them, save and photograph what is good and reappropriate the bad ones to paint over...or just toss them out all together.  We photographed between 200-300 and I got about another year's worth of four and five ply Strathmore illustration board to use from the stuff I am getting rid of.  Cool!
So, OCD people unite and clean!  Not surprising this is one of my favorite shows.
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