Scott Bakal
August 2006
Fall Promo Campaign
At happy hour last night, a few of us were talking about promotions which propted me to post my next one coming up. 

I developed a 4 postcard set with belly-band and business card that I will be sending out to select art directors in a few weeks (same time I hope to get my web site updated).  The photos here are the mock-up for it.  I just got the stuff back from the printer today.  A  nice 15 pt. card stock with rounded corners and matte finish.  I will be making 100 sets which will go out to about that many.

A lot of the text and names have changed since the mock up but the design is essentially the same.  The business card which has another image from the series is not shown.

The series I did is about the horrors and fears of growing up and the development of a child in the early stages of life.  There are 9 pieces in the series.  Obviously, it'll be going to that art buying crowd.
Arles Sketchbook
Last year I was lucky enough to go to Arles, France for an extended amount of time.  During my stay there, (besides drinking an enormous amount of wine) I went to a bullfight which ended up being very startling.  Being naive, when I thought I was going to a bullfight, I thought it was more of a 'for show' sort of thing.  It didn't sink down that they were going to kill 8 bulls that afternoon until they started in with the daggars.

This was around the same time I started sketching in pen which has been very gratifying as opposed to using pencil.  It's so definite.   So unchangable.  It is what it is and I can't go back.  It really has helped sharpen my skills a bit.

There's a series in here somewhere, just don't know what the story is yet...I've got an hours worth of bullfight video and at least 200 shots of that afternoon for reference.   A few more are posted in the Arles Sketchbook section.
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