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Thanksgiving Weekend

NOVEMBER 27, 2006
Picasso - Portrait of Olga
It surely was an eventful weekend which included turkey carcass, wine, family and art.  Visiting parents made the apartment full but we had a great time!

Prior to turkey day, Heidi and I took a day off on Wednesday and went to the Met because of a trifecta of exhibitions going on that peaked our interest.  Americans in Paris, Cezanne to Picasso (Vollard) and Glitter and Doom all were really good shows and each show had its highlights of art.  The classic nature of Americans in Paris was excellent with work from Cecilia Beax to John Singer Sargent.  Cezanne to Picasso exhibited a really hi-end selection of Impressionists to Abstract artists...with some pretty good Van Gogh highlights!  Finally, the Glitter and Doom show which made a good feast for the eyes of 1920's German portraits by folks like Otto Dix, Christian Schad and George Grosz.  We finished off the evening with an attempt to eat at Peanut Butter and Co. in the Village but it was closed.  We ended up having Italian on Bleeker.

The Met Shows

All day Friday and Saturday morning I did a client job and worked on another piece for the Robert Johnson series.  It was good to not have to do anything else except create some art and get things 'cleaned up' around here.  I swear it took me 2 hours just to file paperwork that has built up over the last month!

On Sunday, Heidi and I, while having some toasted Everything Bagels with our various choices of cream cheese (Scallion for me...olive for her...go figure?) looking out over the Long Island Sound I happened upon an exhibition advertisement at the Nassau Museum of Art in a local freebie paper I picked up at the bagel shop.  The show was called Picasso and the School of Paris which included work from Miro, Leger, Chagall, Braque, Matisse and a few others.  OKAY!  Let's go!

Nassau Museum

We spent the afternoon there looking at some pretty decent work, nothing too important historically other than the names that created the work but still a fabulous show, some good pieces and well put together.  And for the $4 entry, there's nothing to complain about!

We got home and I cooked a fabulous meal of pasta and veggies in a citrus sauce, watched a Northern Exposure episode and promptly passed out have left behind a great weekend of art, food and family.
Outside the Nassau Museum
Picasso block print
Heidi looking at Juan Gris
Nassau Museum Grounds