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NOVEMBER 18, 2006
I was in California last week and finally getting my head back on straight.  Specifically, I was in Pasadena/Los Angeles area.  While everyone here at Drawger was partying at the AI show and at the Fuchs/Taxali after-party, I was in 80 degree weather eating entirely too much Mexican and Asian food...which seems like that is all they serve over there.

I was trying to get a bead on what Pasadena is like and I came to the conclusion that it is New Jersey with Palm Trees.  I don't know what I was expecting but after visiting San Francisco a few times, I guess I got my hopes up.  I went into Hollywood also...walk of fame, Chinese Theatre and was surprised on how...well...sleazy it actually was.  I found that very interesting.  Not what I expected at all.  I did happen upon Tenacious D's new movie premiere and saw Jack Black himself getting out of a beat up Chrysler wearing a crown and King garb.  Quite the sight!

I went to Biskup's gallery in town, met Mark Murphy, museum hopping, and all that other stuff.  Oh yeah, did I mention Mexican food....ugh...*urp*.

I did a bunch of drawing in the area and posted a couple on the sketchbook galleries.  More to come.

Check them out: