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Skulls of Ultimate Death

JULY 1, 2014
This week I released a personal project called Skulls of Ultimate Death. Over the last few months, I've been spending more time back in the sketchbooks. I seemed to have lost the momentum I had going for quite a few years. Getting too busy with paying jobs as well as other personal distractions (which are part the inspiration) were certainly the culprit. It is also why I haven't been too active here at Drawger the last six months or so.

Making time for sketchbooks or unprompted art making works so well for me. While working for clients is such a rush, I always remember to get back to that activity of making personal art because its fun and enjoyable. Day in and day out, sometimes the job becomes...a job. Before art school, I drew because it was fun, enjoyable and explorative. Over the years, when I lose that joy in art making, I've discovered I've needed to do personal projects to keep me enthusiastic which flows into paid work once again. It's a great cycle.

The project is here as well as a link to purchase a copy if you so wish.

Around the same time, my buddy Jordin asked me to be part of the next Dime Bag show opening Thursday in Brooklyn. There is a nice listing of friends and fellow Drawgers also part of the show. Scroll down to see the enormous list of artists participating! I was part of the last Dime Bag show maybe about four years ago and I was thrilled that he asked again. Picking up from my personal work, I decided to make a 'Skulls' mini fold-out zine for this show pictured below. I wish I could make it to the opening.

Good luck, Jordin and all the other artists!

Dime Bag 4
curated by Jordin Isip

Opening Reception: Thursday, July 3rd, 8:00-10:00 pm
The End is Near
465 7th Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(Park Slope, btw16th and Windsor)

Each of the more than two hundred invited artists received a 3" x 3" plastic zip lock bag, a “dime bag” of sorts. They were asked to create their artwork for and installed within the bag. There was no overt conceptual theme to show beyond the device of the bag itself and each artist was free to interpret within these simple parameters.
Participating Artists
Ian Adelman
Doug Aldrich
Selina Alko
Emma Apicelli
Jose Arenas
Jordan Awan
Scott Bakal
Franca Barone
George Bates
Melinda Beck
Polly Becker
Laura Bellmont
Gregory Benton
Jud Bergeron
Annette Berry
Adam Block
Angela Boatwright
Max Bode
Juliette Borda
Kelie Bowman
Claudia Brandenburg
Calef Brown
Iain Burke
Chris Buzelli
William Buzzell
Yone Caldwel
Christa Cassano
Anthony Castro
Brittany Keats Cerullo
Kristin Chae
Richard Ray Chan
Vincy Cheung
Clayton Brothers
Louie Cordero
Michael Coughlan
William Hatch Crosby
Anthony Cudahy
Leigh Cunningham
Daniel Davidson
Kristen Davis
Georganne Deen
Andrew Degraff
Eddie del Rosario
Jessica Deutsch
Dora Drimalas
Dima Drjuchin
Hannah Drossman
Joel Dugan
Chad Dziewior
Clarissa Eck
Morgan Elliot
Austin English
Kiersten Essenpreis
Evah Fan
Brian Faulk
Chris Feckzo
Daniel Fishel
Logan Fitzpatrick
David Flaherty
Mary Flanagan
Charlie Flexon
Brian Flynn
AJ Fosik
James Benjamin Franklin
John Freeborn
Sam Friedman
Linnéa Gad
James Gallagher
Jason Gandy
Brenda Garand
Becca Genne-Bacon
Jim Gentry
Susie Ghahremani
David Goldin
Johanna Goodman
Leah Gotchel
Jill Greenberg
Keith Greiman
Olivia Gulin
Pallavi Gupta
Matt Haber
Marcellus Hall
Joseph Hart
Dean Haspiel
Hunter Heckroth
Angus Hendry
Nash Hogan
Kenichi Hoshine
Jim Houser
Liz Hur
Alexander Iezzi
Chloe Isip
Jordin Isip
Mara Isip
Simone Isip
Nick Ito
Rich Jacobs
Masuko Jo
Chesiel John
Sylvia Jun
Lyejm Kallas-Lewis
Danielle Kassover
Amy S. Kauffman
Misaki Kawai
Billur Kazaz
Caitlin Keegan
Andy Kehoe
Trisha Keightley
Tim Kerr
Esther Sarah Kim
So Yoon Kim
Hiroshi Kimura
Hiro Kurata
Charlotte Larson
Hannah Lee
So Jin Lee
Rob Leecock
Matt Leines
Jodi Levine
Rachel Levit
Ian Lewandowski
Melissa Ling
Alex Lukas
Anthony Macbain
Rita MacDonald
Ashley Macomber
Jane Mai
Alex Maiorano
Alicia McCarthy
Margaret McCartney
Ted McGrath
Richard McGuire
Taylor McKimens
Tara McPherson
Sergio Luis Mesa
Bronwyn Minton
Jason Mitchell
Brendan Monroe
James Moore
Ron Mor
Kei Morita
Kris Mukai
Luisito Nazario
Keith Negley
Gregory Nemec
Danica Novgorodoff
Jieshan Ng
Jayeon Oh
Tim O'Brien
Brian O'Neill
Arlin Ortiz
Mu Pan
Chang Park
Helena Parriott
Maritsa Patrinos
Chelsey Pettyjohn
Jason Polan
Rachel Pontious
Jason Porter
Giselle Potter
Sean Qualls
Jeff Quinn
Monica Ramos
Brian Rea
Nicole Rifkin
Leslie Robertson
Olivia Robertson
Craig Rodriguez
Les Rogers
Matt Rota
Julia Rothman
Lea Rude
Victoria Salvador
Hazel Lee Santino
Kim Schifino
Anna Sea
Paula Searing
Yong Shin
Ruth Shively
Simone Shubuck
Andy Smenos
Ryan Jacob Smith
Jeff Soto
Kevin Jay Stanton
Meghann Stephenson
Rodger Stevens
Josie Stevenson
Katherine Streeter
Derek Stukuls
Adam Suerte
Stephanie Tan
Gary Taxali
Maximilian Thuemler
Mark Todd
Katie Turner
James Ulmer
Justin Valdes
Madeline Valentine
Nichole van Beek
Jennifer Van Meter
Jonathan Viner
Michela Vinton
Dominique Vitali
Roxie Vizcarra
Valeriya Volkova
Ryan Wallace
Esther Pearl Watson
Pinky Weber
Ellen Weinstein
Eric White
B Kristen Won
Courtney Wotherspoon
James Yang
Justin Yoon
Bill Zeman
Beth Zimmerman
Bill Zindel
Art Zomby  
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