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The Human Body, illustrations by Cornelius DeWitt

OCTOBER 23, 2008
"The Human Body- What it is and How it Works" is a book I was given  by my parents when I was 7. I spent hours and hours with this book throughout my childhood- it is among my most prized possesions to this day. Today I not only love this book for it's sentimental vlaue, but for the accomplishment it represents. This book contains over 200 of the most startingly beautiful, creative and complex illustrations I've ever seen. Looking at these pictures today (The book was published in 1959) I marvel at the accomplishment by the illustrator, Cornelius DeWitt.
I often think that the greatest thing an illustrator can achieve is to illustrate a book in a way that makes it relevant far beyond the time in which it is published. I offer this posting as a tribute to the greatness of the work of Mr. Cornelius DeWitt.
neural communication
Illustrators are often asked "what would be your dream job? "- this is mine. But who could top this?
Bones of the foot
defects of vision
sense of smell....
part of "how the eye works"
Foldout of the systems of the body. Look at the colors, the creativity of presentation, the compositions, the clarity. There are over 200 of these incredible illustrations in this book. Here's to you, Cornelius DeWitt!
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