Rob Dunlavey
March 2009
Joy Ride
The other morning my chair was occupied by the night watchman so I had to set up operation on the floor. No problem. It gave me an opportunity to spread out and admire a recent package from a friend enticing me to show my new work in Paris. I'm so "there" but in reality am actually still here and not quite ready. So I work on in my sketchbooks and stories and build a foundation, painting by painting and word by word, dummy by dummy.
The predominant story theme involves a pair of birds who contend with a bear that winds its way through their lives. Today, they will turn the tables and pester the creature until he gives them a ride on his back. Take that Mr. Bear! You're not so scary and we think you're kind of cute … and even cuddly!
First I laid down some pink pastel and on top of that, yellow gouache and light blue latex. The bear's form is painted in this sludgy old red fabric paint. It has a vinyl component so bits and rubbery chunks are part of the process. I try to give my materials room to breath and express themselves. Even the clunky ones.
I guess I bought this material to do some fabric stencils and it slowly migrated over to Sketchbook Land.
Next I roughed in the birds.
My Russian mentor, the great Olaf, has instructed me in the esoteric techniques of the "dot of life". Spasiba Olaf!
More dots of Life!
The completed painting. Perhaps one day, some text will go in the sky area. I'm sure by then that the tables will have turned several times and this trio will be on some new adventure.
The final scanned piece. (03-28-09a)
robd interview
Julien Chung
For those of you who care (Hi Mom!!), Julien Chung, illustrator extraordinaire, has concluded a three-part (but mercifiully brief) interview with yours truly. The focus of Julien's licensed images and his blog is the depiction and use of animals in contemporary illustration and design.
part 1 | part 2 | part 3
Adriane Tomine interview
"Optic" Nerve by Adrian Tomine
There's a nice interview with comic artist Adrian Tomine here.
Crystal Cities Portfolio
see the issuu-powered pdf viewer below…
Here's a portfolio (give it a minute to load) of thirty images selected from a current series: "Crystal Cities" (more may be seen here)
THINK small
Over the past few weeks my studio has become infested with these small & insane bits of paper; each one with bicycle-like things scrawled on them. Did you know that the bicycle was one of the first technologies to be adopted and spread the fastest globally! Faster than the paper clip, zipper or the even the insanely great iPod. Things with wheels (wheels that go on the ground; wheels that include spokes), easily understood, engineered re-engineered are an entrpreneurial engine the world over. Bicycles are the common denominator that binds city and country, rich and poor, young and old, oppressed and oppressor, dreamer and drug dealer.
Maybe this is why I've been thinking about bicycles lately… Then again, maybe not.
Things WIth Wheels
Doodles make church much more interesting. Helps me concentrate.
These pebbles are from Long Island somewhere. If you're over there, could you pick me up a few more? I'm running low.
pen & ink, brush & ink 3.5" x 3.5"
Essence du monocycle
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