Rob Dunlavey
July 2008
Catch of the Day
07-16-08a block printing ink, acrylic, ballpoint, collage
Some recent scans from Sketchbook Land!
07-15-08a "Kryptonite Clouds" block printing ink, ink, ballpoint pen
07-27-08a "Oh My" collage
07-27-08c "Striped Bikini & Hat" collage, latex
Are there any coincidences in brand design?
You decide: separated at birth?
Crass coincidence or brilliant marketing?
BAWLS is a Guarana "Energy Drink" manufactured by Hobarama LLC in the USA. It is marketed to a select crowd: military personnel, paintball and BMX racing enthusiasts and video gamers. The distinctive bottle design was created by Flow Design from Detroit. The bottle features 122 raised bumps to make it easier to hold. Our laboratory staff confirms the useful and pleasing tactile properties of the design.
I found this particular empty bottle littered on the grass where I take my daily morning stroll. I was attracted to the color and the shape of the bottle. I thought my eleven year old daughter, who's more of a collector of these types of things than I, would like it. I did a double-take when I saw the brand name. I wondered if there was an appropriately named pink bottle for the ladies (the name of which I will leave to your imagination!). Barely stopping myself from completely careening down the gutter, I  studied the bottle further, turning it in my hand. It called to mind those vending machines in interstate highway men's rooms in various discrete locations that dispense sexual aids that "protect and enhance".
I'm happy that the life force is strong in our fighting men and women and I'm happy that BAWLS is there to encourage people to protect and enhance life with vigor. BAWLS is a caffeinated drink and a diuretic and may cause dehydration; please enjoy it responsibly.
Character Design Portfolio
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Thanks to Christoph Hitz for telling me about it.
for Barry
Recent Paintings
"Particular" latex on panel 15 x 17"
Here's a new gallery of recent paintings done since January 2008. They're on plywood panels or canvas and are generally painted with latex or acrylic paint. They started out very geometric and are slowly branching out to include animals and such. Not sure where they are headed (just the way I prefer it!) but each one is a small voyage of discovery for me. Many of them (and hopefully a lot more) will be included in an exhibit this December in Wellesley, MA. I'll be sharing the bill with fellow Bostonian and Drawgerite John S. Dykes.
Hey buddy, can you spare 50 Billion?
The just issued 50 Billion note. Don't spend it all in one place! Some traders value 125 Billion Zimbabwe dollars at US $0.40.
A short profile of Gideon Gono, Zimbabwe's central-bank governor appeared in yesterday's  Wall Street Journal. I caught it via moneyweb and Gono is just one of the crazies sucking the blood out of Zimbabwe where up is down and vice versa.

"Of all the world's central bankers, Zimbabwe's gets the biggest -- or at least the longest -- salary. Mr. Gono won't say how much he earns exactly as head of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe but does claim to have "more digits" on his pay slip that any of his peers. He earns trillions of Zimbabwe dollars. It now takes more than 16 billion of these to buy a single U.S. dollar. U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke earns only six figures, $191,300."

The design of the bill has a certain expedient quality. Maybe the giraffes should be facing right (and running faster!)
Independence Day...
Welcome to a land teeming with a myriad of life forms and other serious inhabitants.
This recent series of sketchbook pages suggested an oblique (at best) and moderately sarcastic rumination on America,  July 4th, and the futility of War and the bottomless capacity to Forget what's actually going on. Whatever. In my defense, the sketches always came first and the narrative came second --if it came at all.
But all is not well: war and its excesses ravage some while others are left to wonder.
Now that that's over, we get to relax and horse around some. Hotcha!
Despite the National Pastime and the National Anthem, the natives are still mad as Hell. Some people just don't get Independence Day!
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