Rob Dunlavey
July 2011
Near Newport, Rhode Island there's a state park with a small museum in the lighthouse. And inside this lighthouse museum are wooden replicas of distinctive local lighthouses. Fun stuff.
Just passing this on if you like lighthouses and funky architectural models of them.
Newport's pretty nice too.
Beavertail State Park
Beavertail Lighthouse Museum
National Museum of American Illustration
a quick painting (what other kinds are there?) done the day after that trip to Narragansset Bay.
almost on cue, a year later, my doodles sprouted a few lighthouses.
A lonely outpost
OK. That's it. Get back to work.
Alain Lachartre
Alain Lachartre is a designer and artist from Paris. He is the founder of the agency Vue sur la Ville which is now allied with Mister Brown, another French design studio.
I do not know Alain Lachartre well. Then again, a physicist would probably tell you that he has never seen a black hole either. Nevertheless, black holes exist and the physicist governs all his assumptions about his world as if they exist in the same way that you and I exist.
So, Lacharte is real. His presence is felt and I have proof that he is appreciated throughout the vibrant world of French design and illustration. I am a facebook friend and we have collaborated on a few small exchanges over the past year or two (last year I was honored to contribute to his annual calendar for his design studio Vue sur la Ville & Mr. Brown. I hope to meet him the next time I go to Paris. Or maybe I'll invite him to Boston and we'll go to a Patriots game and toast Mr. and Mrs. Bundchen.
I was prompted to write an appreciation of him because in selecting work for an exhibit this coming September (2011) I came across a piece in my sketchbook from September 2010 I hadn't scanned and it reminded me of how much his paintings have amused and inspired me. Salut Alain!
Yukulélé aux Petits Joueurs
"La révolution est en marche..."
"Foumisinges énervantes"
my doodle: "09-30-10"
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