Rob Dunlavey
December 2010
'Twas the night before Christmas
we too, followed a star

to see what all the fuss was about.

We had help along the way.

It was difficult to make the connection between this…
…and this. Both appeared a bit compromised.

This party animal stole the show.

Jesus just didn't seemed fazed by all the noise and clutter. He was the perfect host.

These wonderful snapshots are from an excursion we made last night to The Fatima Shrine in Holliston, Masssachusetts. In addition to the light show, there is a soundtrack and a gift shop.
Enjoy your family and those you love this Holiday Season!
Glimpses of this and that

The whale and the totem people are part of a collaboration with Violetta Testacalda (Sara Cimarosti) from Bologna.

Stuff in my studio today.
What's here? Flotsam and jetsam mostly: houseplant cuttings, a flourescent orange crystal city that frightens away winter's gla gla weather, a postcard from Mogu, a Balinese shadow puppet, sketches of Rififi, an amorous glow worm, a postcard/bookmark from Chantelivre (the premiere Parisian children's book seller) and a postcard from La Maison des Contes et des histoires from their exhibit "Les Temps des Heroes". Arjuna approves!
Bonne journée!
December Errata
First: A recent passle of illustrations done for The Christian Science Monitor for their 2010 end of the year Gift Guide. It was a treat and a challenge to parlay my Pointy People into a commissioned job. The Christian Science Monitor gave me my first editorial assignments when I first moved to Boston in 1986. The art director now is veteran John Kehe and he has a loyal following among many illustrators.

a detail (colored pencil, water color, digital)

This illustration ran across the spread and bled off the top of the page

An illustration that led the Gift Guide section.

Second: I was invited by Alain Lachartre of the French design agency Vue sur la ville & Mister Brown to contribute a drawing to their 2011 calendar. A great honor to say the least. Naturally, I choked on the pressure to produce something that would span the briny and inhospitable Atlantic in its "savoir faire" and "je ne sais quoi". Other contributers include: Aline Zalko, Jamie Cullen, Laurent Courvaiser, Bruno Salamone, Yan Nascimbene, Laurent Auduoin, Laurent Lolmède, Fernando Togni, Frédéric Rébéna, Serge Bloch, and Steven Guarnaccia.
It's just a bit of nonsense. Alain only asked that, if possible, the art include the name of the month, the numbers of the days and some reference to "Mister Brown". Of course, it never hurts to add a few alligators or foxes.

Finally (I hope you've gotten this far) I've just gotten my 2011 calendar back from the printer and am sending them out. Please let me know if you want one and send me instructions as to how to mail one to you. Bonne Année et bonne santé!
The poster is 18 x 24" offset printed on a semi-gloss text weight paper. It is shipped folded.

I know it's Monday and for most people, it's not a payday but when you freelance, everyday is payday… or a holiday.
So, how come when it finally is payday and my bank takes a break from sending me love notes for a few days, that all these friendly and hungry mouths seek me out? There must be a name for this phenomena; care to suggest one?

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