Rob Dunlavey
November 2008
the final artwork. Art Director: SooJin Buzelli | PLANSPONSOR
This was about a guy who sued his employer for firing him while he was recovering from knee surgery and on a medical leave. Unfortunately for this man, the judge agreed with the employer because the reason for the termination was that the jerk had also embezzled the company. Embezzlement trumps FMLA (Family & Medical Leave Act) claims. So there!
I liked this darker version
The approved sketch
unused sketch
another unused sketch
and even more unused sketches!
Veterans Day
Eventually, they come home and the war comes home too.
If you have the opportunity today, pay your respects to a veteran for their service and respect the sacrifices they have made.
War is an extraordinary and morally ambivalent activity. "Thou shalt not kill" yet we organize and justify killing on a massive scale time and again.Whether you view war as murder or self-defense, we are all partners in a large scale emotional dislocation that requires attention to the traumas soldiers accept and endure.
New Website
It's really not that different than the old one but...
I've revised my website. Have a look and tell me what you think:
Editorial portfolio: It's basic: thumbnails and detail views. No javascript or Flash and each image gets it own address.
from the section on character design
Fine art section
The biggest problem for me (lately, it's been more of a crisis!) is how to present my diverse catalog. Some friends suggested using a pseudonym or keeping multiple websites backed by very targeted promotions.
These are all well-tested approaches but they seem unnatural for me. So once again, I present to you, gentle reader, a kaleidoscopic iceberg of imagery and approaches. The normally visible part is my commissioned illustration for magazines, books, etc. Lurking below the surface are my sketchbooks, paintings, character designs, sequential dabblings, poster designs, and more. It's crazy. Of course, it all coheres for me as I'm the only inmate in the asylum! But for you, an art buyer with 5 minutes to get acquainted and decide, I have faith that your perceptive eye will get it (whatever you're looking for) in less than 3 minutes.
Thanks for visiting.
Two birds, one tree
It's a new day.
Despite the ever-present philosophical differences that define our civic life, the indisputable truth of our mutual dependence is as clear as always. Surely we will bask in the joy of this moment but we merely pause to refocus our vigor to enlarge and enhance the ideals that give us hope.
Ask your kids who to vote for!
Bow your heads...
"The Canary" 1750-51 Oil on canvas, 50 x 43 cm Musée du Louvre, Paris
…for today is the birthday of Jean Baptiste Siméon Chardin, one of the greatest painters of all time.
Previously blogged right here on Drawger.
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