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Rob Dunlavey - 2014


Odds and Ends from my 2014 sketchbooks
Rob Dunlavey - 2015-2016


personal work mostly --evolving out of my daily studio time.
Rob Dunlavey - 2013


Odds and ends from personal sketchbooks in 2013
Rob Dunlavey - Observations


Generally monochromatic studies of Nature done for my personal enjoyment. I started this series in the summer of 2010.
Rob Dunlavey - 2012


varied sketchbook offerings from 2012
Rob Dunlavey - 2011
Rob Dunlavey - 2010: Jan - July

2010: Jan - July

Current sketchbook and doodle activity
Rob Dunlavey - 2010: Aug-Dec.

2010: Aug-Dec.

Sketchbook activity, August to December 2010
Rob Dunlavey - 2009: Feb - June

2009: Feb - June

Rob Dunlavey - 2009: July - Dec.

2009: July - Dec.

A selection of mostly doodles, more Crystal Cities, and attempts at children's book illustrations.
Rob Dunlavey - 10/2008 - 01/2009

10/2008 - 01/2009

From several books of varied sizes. The paper is very absorbent in these Chinese manufactured sketchbooks (Daler Rowney from Dick Blick). The images are a bit more informal than others. Searching and having fun!
Rob Dunlavey - 2008: Feb - May

2008: Feb - May

doodles wandering from flat planes of paper through forests of wires to your campfire. Let them sit for a spell; they're harmless and might be entertaining.
Rob Dunlavey - 2008: June - Sept.

2008: June - Sept.

More things that wandered in... and stayed.
Rob Dunlavey - 11/2007 - 01/2008

11/2007 - 01/2008

Recent doodles dragged in from the foolish forest of Art!
Rob Dunlavey - 2007: May - Oct.

2007: May - Oct.

Many other sketches from this time period are in my collage gallery.
Rob Dunlavey - 2007: March-April

2007: March-April

Recent sketches in a small book (4.5 x 6.75"). Hope you like them and find them interesting.
Rob Dunlavey - 2007: Jan - Feb

2007: Jan - Feb

Recent additions to personal sketchbooks.
Rob Dunlavey - 2006: Nov - Dec

2006: Nov - Dec

Some plausible personal favorites from my recent sketchbooks. Hope you find them interesting.
Rob Dunlavey - 2006: June - Sept.

2006: June - Sept.

Stuff from this summer and early fall. The book is a Canson black book. Media used are ball point pen, watercolor, gouache, fabric paint and colored pencil.
Rob Dunlavey - 08/2005 - 06/2006

08/2005 - 06/2006

Sketches and paintings from a book of colored papers.
Rob Dunlavey - random sketches: 01

random sketches: 01

slightly older stuff. Enjoy!
Rob Dunlavey - Collage Sketches

Collage Sketches

This is a gallery of drawings that incorporate collage elements. Something a little different but a significant direction for me right now. Hope you like them!
Rob Dunlavey - Iceland sketches

Iceland sketches

Mostly topographical pen and watercolor sketches from a recent trip to Iceland for a family reunion and site-seeing. **Apologies to Icelandic friends for all the misspellings!! I will correct them soon!
Rob Dunlavey - Paintings


This series of paintings was begun in January 2008. They are done in latex paint on plywood panels or canvas.
Rob Dunlavey - Fictitious Faces & Erratic Events

Fictitious Faces & Erratic Events

A broadside collection of miscellaneous faces, places, happenings and the spaces in-between.
Rob Dunlavey - The Red Tie

The Red Tie

"The Red Tie" is a wordless story I wrote for no reason in particular except to have a little fun. Hope you find it amusing.
Rob Dunlavey - Homerun Heroes

Homerun Heroes

A few years ago I started a series of drawings of baseball players. I made one hundred and packaged them up as "Homerun Heroes" and called it stock art. To promote it, I printed a small catalog (12 page 8 1/2 x 11" 2 color on newsprint: I'll send you one if you'd like). The drawings are very direct and the media unforgiving: fat, permanent black marker on the backs of slick old illustration directory pages (I got a bunch).
Rob Dunlavey - Envelope paintings
Rob Dunlavey - Geometric People

Geometric People

A sampling of simplified figurative work. I invite you to browse and comment.
Rob Dunlavey - My Little Monkey

My Little Monkey

Quick monkey drawings
Rob Dunlavey - Computer Games

Computer Games

Back in the early 1990's, I was employed by a computer game developer in Cambridge, MA. The best work I did there were the numerous painted backgrounds for two adventure games that played on the (soon-to-be-obsolete) CD-interactive sytem made by Philips. Programming was later added to the images to allow the animated characters to walk , jump and fight on the various surfaces. The images are fairly small and in proportion with television screens The backgrounds usually scrolled with the action; seeing them in their original state in this gallery is not the way gamers would experience them. The paintings started with extensive sketching in pencil and final rendering in Painter and Photoshop. Here are some of my favorites. (all images © Rob Dunlavey, no unauthorized reproduction is allowed)
Rob Dunlavey - Little People

Little People

These are from a loose-leaf binder of 200 doodles done on the train over the course of a year. Magic Marker drawings of a geometric and cute nature.
Rob Dunlavey - Jerome Snyder (CREATION #12)

Jerome Snyder (CREATION #12)

In 1992, CREATION Magazine featured a profile on Jerome Snyder's illustration. Snyder was an art director at Sports Illustrated and Scientific American. His illustrations were commissioned by Fortune, Mademoiselle, Look, House & Garden and the New York Times. CREATION was published for 20 issues. It was edited and art directed by the legendary Japanese designer Yusaku Kamekura. It featured in depth features and pictorial spreads on the worlds leading designers, illustrators and allied artists.
Rob Dunlavey - The Dandelion's Tale

The Dandelion's Tale

"The Dandelion's Tale" is a picture book I've illustrated. The author is Kevin Sheehan. The book is published by Schwartz & Wade and designed by the fabulous Ms. Rachael Cole.
Rob Dunlavey - 2017


2017 sketchbook pieces
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