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New Tapestry

JANUARY 17, 2010
I too completed a few panels for the New Tapestry project. It was an interesting idea. However I don't think we even scratched the surface or enhanced the luster of the original Bayeaux Tapestry by a long shot.

Thanks to Julia Breckenreid for first bringing it to our attention.
Congratulations to KesselKramer (Christian Bunyan & Keefe Cordeiro) for managing to pull together the work of 44 different artists in a timely fashion to create the New Tapestry before the new decade began.

For a week that saw, among other things, fourteen US soldiers being killed in a Kandahar, Afghanistan.
I chose the last week of 2009 for a second panel. This one was about the opening of that mega-tower in Dubai. It sits atop a sea of Middle Eastern crude and highways that are more like roller coasters!