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This summer…

JULY 7, 2006
possible mascot concept
July will be a KILLER month: there are 4-5 fairly large jobs and a few smaller ones all with looming sketch deadlines. You know what comes after that: looming final deadlines. Then you get a few extra days to work on that really precious assignment and it totally screws up your vacation plans (something your spouse reminds you of from time to time).

Anyway, TODAY I have to conjure about 20 sketches for  a very cool science museum: The New York Hall of Science. I think it's in Queens somewhere. They are building a 9 hole mini-golf course that attempts to make learning elementary astrospace physics fun. It's bound to be a blast. The illustrations willl be on free-standing retro-shaped panels at each hole. I've worked with this museum exhibit architecture firm on two previous interior jobs.

I'll post some images as the project moves forward.
sketch illustrating "Space Junk"
Here are a few of the first draft sketches for this project. The final illustrations will liven up interpretive panels that go with each hole on the course. There will be an image like this one and then a smaller image that tries to explain or make light of the particular golfing challenge of the hole.
Here's my little golfer. Naturally, he's a Scot with a tam and knickers. Maybe he's too cute for the museum people?
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