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Philip Guston

JUNE 27, 2006
"The Studio" by Philip Guston 1969
Today is Philip Guston's birthday.
He would be 103 (!) years old. Sounds ancient for having produced work that sends shock waves through the newly-initiated and old-timers on a daily basis.

Here's my birthday banner blurb:
"Yes, it's true: Philip Guston saved Painting. His "late" works ventilated the art world back in the 60's and 70's and artists the world over have been rejoicing ever since. I'm always thinking about them and stumbling over them. It's impossible for me to make an oil painting that includes oafish, cigar-smoking, sausage-fingered men from old comics without being accused of swiping from Guston. It's not fair! You have this problem too no doubt?!"
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