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A Crazy Idea!

AUGUST 29, 2008
08-28-08a "Joe"
Is Earth "Just OK" for you?
Aren't you just a little tired of having so many seasons to remember. And, admit it, you hate the snow and prefer your new swimming pool. Maybe you share Joe's frustration: Joe works on the Sun; but, not any more!
"Global Warming Changed My Life!"
Joe' s commute was long and expensive. You can do a lot of crossword puzzles during a 91 million mile commute. And that's one-way! But working on the Sun had its advantages. Joe's friends envied his tan and his job. With minimal interference, Joe shuffled papers and then wrote reports about the papers he had shuffled. Perhaps someone even read them.
One day Joe quit his job and stayed back on Earth and grew to like the place, more or less. He didn't really miss his old job but he really missed his old tan. So he decided to try Global Warming. Sure, he'd heard it was a bit unpredictable and that the transition to consistently hotter temperatures had a few side effects. Global Warming was a start-up after all!
He was willing to work hard and accept the risks. Why don't you?!