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Sketches - Finals 2

MAY 2, 2008
left: the sketch - right: final
This full page illustration was done recently for a college law journal article about a steel industry merger that involved many players in many countries.
When I was first contacted by the art director she suggested some sort of a rampant monster or robot sucking everything in concept. She referred to her favorite works in my portfolio in an attempt to help guide my painting decisions.These initial sketches were done in Painter.
This one was my favorite from the first round.
pencil on blue colored paper. Shading added in Painter.
After seeing these ideas, the concept was changed slightly to more of a clash between equals rather than one monster getting out of control. So I did a few figure studies; basic comic book, wrestling or boxing compositions would be fun to do.
a more complete second round sketch with some color added to help clarify the scene.
The final was done in Freehand
Topical: Editorial  work