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CMEE SEGD award winner

JULY 27, 2007
Photo by Rossa Cole
Two years ago I completed work on a large commission for CMEE (the Children's Museum of the East End, Bridgehampton, NY). The work consisted of scores of illustrations and several mural-size compositions for the interior of a truly delightful children's museum located on Long Island. The project was designed and managed by the Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership. Scott Briggs was the project manager and design lead. I also worked with Christine Lyons and Maja Gilberg.

This year, The Society for Environmental Graphic Design (SEGD) has recognized the museum and the team that created it with a merit award.

Left: One of the first spaces you enter in the museum is a child's bedroom. The bed floats above us below a star-strewn sky (mural by me). More images can be found here.
Photo by Rossa Cole The mural above is approx. 15 x 7 feet. I created it in Freehand. It visualizes many famous port cities from around the globe (detail)
< More about this mural here.

The SGED jury went on to say:

"Oftentimes, children's museums create expected design solutions, such as the fire engine, the local grocer, and role-playing environments to introduce occupations. In this way, we deprive our youngest museum visitors of unexpected design solutions and whimsical environments. When it comes to designs for children (who are most apt to appreciate the unusual or enchanted), we fall short in our role as designers. The jurors commended this entry because it did not fall prey to its design genre. It uses the themes of discovery and exploration and follows through in consistency of design mission and environmental presence. Its design reflects that children deserve and thrive in well-interpreted environments that challenge imaginations and offer new ways of learning. The graphic interpretations are distinct and reminiscent of children's book illustrations. The integration of media, collections, and interactives is in keeping with the overall whimsical yet well executed approach."
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