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Time Flies

JULY 24, 2007
The theme for the calendar is "Time Flies" so I did a bunch of colorful birds yacking away
This seems to be the summer to contribute to different artistic causes. This one is just a bit of efficient self-promotion that promises excellent printing and good distribution plus I got the chance to finally work with Peter Cusack's friend David Leonard of Hybrid Studios.
The final art is about 10 x 14".  A short bio and portrait photo accompanies it. The calendar is for a printing company which will distribute it to potential clients in the Eastern US generally.
Here we are cropped in a little tighter. I created most of the elements in Freehand. The textures are 1-bit tiffs generated in Photoshop or scanned, dragged in and colored in Freehand.
The same basic idea but with a more restricted palette.
I did several versions of the bird image. I liked this one because it was different from that rainbow of geometric color passages. But it didn't seem right. Actually, this darker image is closer to what I originally kept editing the image down to: basic dark shapes against a colored ground. I felt however that the printing company wanted something that might showcase their printing capabilities more so I went with the original version.
Detail of a birds in the alternate image. I like the Maori thing with the parallel lines.
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