Rob Dunlavey
The Practical Uses of Narcissism
Narcissus was only guilty of admiring his reflection. How do you feel when you look in the mirror?
It's mid-July and we are Pondering the Impenetrable Imponderable Probabilities.
Admit it, you've been walking a tightrope all week (maybe all your life!). On one side is your hard-working professional designer/illustrator self. On the other is your hard-working artist self. This sums up the life of the serious illustrator: finding the balance over time for the narcissistic necessities of this solitary endeavor and the exacting pressure and pleasure found in communal work as professional gun for hire.
• Let's raise our glasses in support of artists of all stripes who show the way in these dark times!
"The Other Blue Planet" enamel on wood (there are a lot of lively ghosts lurking in the DNA of this one: J.D. King, Hal Mayforth, Richard McGuire, John Hersey, George Herriman... the list goes on and on. I am tenuously standing on the shoulders of giants!)
• Another example of my crusading blend of the personal and the professional:
My first and last skateboard was something fashioned out of a skate and a board. These two important elements of your basic skateboard had an uneasy agreement to injure me (this was some time ago). More recently, in my ongoing efforts to make the world a truly beautiful place I painted a skateboard deck for the 555 Gallery in Detroit for an exhibit. Thanks to Don Kilpatrick for the opportunity!

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