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The Juggling Act

APRIL 27, 2006
I've been way too busy lately with a wide variety of projects that have snarled up life. All the chickens came home to roost. It's good but it's nuts. Many of the tasks just don't relate to my self-described trajectory or even pay. And as I work on one, the other pots start to boil over.  Hey, who's steering this train wreck anyway?!
A sequence of sketches for the talented animators to chew on.
Job #1: art director for a small on-line educational currriculum developer in San Francisco. They want me to jazz up their clunky middle school math product. It's an awkward fit because the engineering and content development workflows are entrenched in old Microsoft dominated technologies. It's interesting seeing my sketches interpreted by other artists. Some of the Flash programming is cool to see (as I know nothing about how it's done!). The basic process involves getting a handful of lengthy Word documents that spoell out the content for a particular subject (which is basic and arcane at the same time). I sketch, doodle, cajole and entertain, cut and paste, and run it up the flagpole. Then the team  has their say and off it goes to production and we cross our fingers and hope that something magical occurs so it feels like we're making actual progress!
Job #2: Illustrator and graphic consultant for a new TV commercial. I've detailed tantalizing tidbits in some other posts here. Both these jobs are on the West coast so those guys get busy just as I'm starting to turn into a pumpkin. Gotta rise to the occasion anyway!
The project includes a 12 page booklet, art for the cd itself and a traycard. Solomon is a Zimbabwean expatriate who plays the mbira (or thumb piano). It's grand stuff. I play a little.
Job #3: a good friend asked me (a long time ago) if I would design a cd for him. It's almost done. It's fun and clean but everyone else is howling for THEIR jobs!
sketch for Florida Realtor Magazine. Tracey Calvet, the art director, is a good person to work for!
Job #4, 5, 6, 7, 8…
The assorted other stuff (mostly two-bit editorial-type jobs):
• 3 monthly spots for an old client (but now I'm doing drawings of people doing exercises --whatever. They're nice and a bit of a charity case)
• a full page illustration for another magazine. They pay well. DUE today!
• three illustrations for Job #1 (DUE today!)
• some spots and design work for a member of the family
• strange work for a lame client who I generally avoid.
This is called paying the bills!
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