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Adios Mac!

JUNE 12, 2007
Good stout cords (lots of them) and those nasty black bricks. Au revoir!
Finally putting this old puppy down in deep storage in the basement. It never died on me and was always eager to help out. I started my digital illustration business on this model and I was chagrined to see that I used it on projects that are still quite fresh in my memory. I remember getting it on an educational discount from a sister-in-law who is in academia. My first print job on it was birth announcement for my  now (almost)13 year old daughter.

A Power PC 7100/66 with a gaggle of peripherals.  Remember all those drives daisy chained together and SCSI cords as fat as your wrist? I upgraded the OS on it as far as I could go and was always trying to squeeze RAM into it one way or another. It's pre-Internet; imagine that!
Dismembered, ready for a dark corner and a long cool sleep.
The Macs had this little hole in the case next to the floppy drive (floppies, remember!!?). If your precious data got stuck in the floppy drive you could pop it out with a straightened paper clip inserted in that little hole. Steve Jobs thought of everything!
And who could live without one of these?!
Those were the days!