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Play before Work

MAY 18, 2007
ink, collage
Here's a sketchbook-doodle ogre for your Friday morning. And this makes me think of Shrek. Our local paper gives "Shrek III" a pretty good review. I have found the franchise to be formulaic and artistically bland. Still, a bit enjoyable though. I was spoiled by being able to read, multiple times,  the original picture book by William Steig to my kids. Any subsequent movie version was vastly disappointing …But that's Hollywood.
"rain, tears" ballpoint pen, collage, gouache
It's raining in Boston today so here's some "rainy" mbira music: "Karigamombe". You should hear the experts perform this: it's sublime. My version is just sort of jaunty and crude.
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Karigamombe is  the first song that mbira players usually learn. It's usefullness in establishing contact with ancestor spirits is depended upon in traditional Shona ceremonies. If the musicians are good, the ancestors will come and help the people set things right …and Zimbabwe needs their help --and ours!--now more than ever.
Addendum: There has been some discussion of Shrek in this thread. Barry Jackson did some of the original production and character design for the first movie.  Here are two images from that effort. I like them better (visually) than the Shrek that eventually came out.