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Spring Training

MARCH 11, 2007
I've posted a gallery of baseball drawings I call "Homerun Heroes". Enjoy!

It's that time of year again: the snow is melting, the robins have returned and I'm reading articles in the sports pages: dateline Fort Myers, Florida.

Yup, the annual baseball merry-go-round is getting cranked up and it begins with spring training. I grew up a Cubs fan (I'm from the northern Chicago suburbs after all). My rebellious teenage years saw me crossing over to the more dangerous south side to Comiskey Park and the White Sox. Now I'm a moderately comfortable member of Red Sox nation in Boston.

I cheer on the home team and get in a funk when they're coughing up games like a toothless old tom cat. Ilove the history of the game. I love the drama and the theater of baseball. There's a bit of a sly show happening anywhere you look. And since baseball is kind of a slow game with a lot of intricate "psyops" going on, there's lots of time, if you're watching the games on TV, to draw the athletes and the drama (or lack of it).
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