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Happy Birthday Honoré Daumier!

FEBRUARY 26, 2007
Portrait of Daumier by Nadar
The great French artist, illustrator and social commentator Honoré Daumier was born today, Feb. 26, 1808. Spend  a few moments comparing your puny achievements against the towering tenacious draftsman from Marseille.

• Here is an exhaustive resource that covers all of Daumier's lithographs: daumier.org
• A good basic overview: Olga's Gallery

I wrote a little appreciation last year at this time:
I wish I could pinpoint the moment or the specific work of Honoré Daumier's that so firmly fixed him in my landscape of artistic influences. It was probably quite early because I associate him with Thomas Nast which, for me, dates back to high school. Back then, I really wanted to be an editorial cartoonist and I'm sure in my reading I saw examples of Daumier's work. The lithographs —there are hundreds— are fabulous caricatures of French politicians and ordinary people. His figure drawing and compositions are so useful and clear; the wit is broad and unsparing. Just writing this, I feel the urge to draw with a litho crayon!"
"Transnonain Street" Honore Daumier 1834, lithograph
"The Third-Class Carriage" by Honore Daumier 1860-63 oil on canvas, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
"The Legislative Belly. Perspective View of the Ministers' Seats of 1834" Honore Daumier, lithograph
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