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New Work: New Client

APRIL 11, 2006
There are some basic things at work here: growing forms, organic forms, some texture and atmospherics. Just testing the water and trying to have fun.
I'm doing a bunch of "graphic research" for a LA based film studio. Elements from this series of images will be animated and find their way into a commercial for a familiar brand of computers. Very interesting and frenetic process so far.
The creative directors have asked me to investigate a number of basic concepts and develop a series of "iconic" visuals. This particular sketch didn't fare so well but the feedback has provided invaluable direction for the next round which is due… SOON!
Work on this commercial has taken an interesting turn: We've determined  a groove for the shapes component of the animation. I created random shapes in cut paper, scanned them and redrew them in Freehand and randomly sprayed them from an image hose. After more noodling, some recognizable combinations of shapes start to get established. Today I push this idea further into more distinctive and rendered shapes utilizing a minimum of color and  line.

This job is competing with another job. It's no fun: when I work on one, the other suffers. C'est la vie!
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