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Twilight in America?

FEBRUARY 16, 2007
End of the line for the Red, White and Blue?
Every morning I work in my sketchbook. It takes about a month or two to complete one. Part personal journal, part daily to-do list, sometimes sketching for work; the sketchbook has become a huge addictive habit. I can't recommend it highly enough. Everything else may be crashing around me but if I've done something decent in the sketchbook, I can hold my head high as Peter records my passing in his big book.

Anyway, this image started with some angular doodling that became clouds. I then added a line at the bottom and accepted the fact that it had become a landscape. On the page before this, I had drawn a disgruntled dragon so I continued the theme with a parade of depressed and tired dinosaurs dragging themselves across the blighted landscape.

I then painted the sky a raspy pink and wan yellow and started shading the clouds. How depressing should this thing be anyway? Then an angry thought came to me that the dinosaurs were actually America plodding off into the sunset. A sunset brought about by decades of backward political thinking, confused foreign policy and defensive thinking in general. I know this may be a leap and profoundly un-obvious and misguided on my part, but just imagine for a moment if America was known for her brilliant environmental policies and practices, globally helpful foreign policy, ennobling journalism and art and entertainment that actually celebrated the joy of life rather than  the live flaying of  human beings.

Yes, this is a very interesting time to be alive and I'm sure my kids and yours will basically be fine.  I'm basically an optimist. I just hope that a new intelligent consensus emerges from the waning days of the this fraudulent presidency.

Remember how nice we were to each other in the days after 9-11? I hope it doesn't take another event like that to get to nice.
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