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JANUARY 5, 2007
"One Time": still from video for NikeLab. Reminiscent of the best illustration of Eric Carle and Leo Lionni and Walden Woods animation.
HunterGatherer is a small design and animation studio that produces animated gems for Nike, MTV and VH1 among other big clients.

I like the simplicity of the concepts and the direct animation techniques. HunterGatherer is a partnership by Todd St. John and Gary Benzel. St. John's work spans silk-screened clothing and furnishings to wooden sculpture, editorial illustration and design, to motion design and animation.
"Robot" still from animation. Before computers we used these things called templates. Remember? HunterGatherer has found a new use for them.
"DJ": still from video. This is from a series of little short things. Painted, cut/torn paper and cardboard puppets with simple articulation animated or just set in motion and filmed. Pretty raw but saved by saturated and limited color.
"BeatEater" still from video. This critter gobbles up musicians. Simple and humorous.
"The Big Kahuna" stop motion animated bits of wood veneer for VH1 I think. I like the colors. I detect an Ikea and Marimekko echo in all this somewhere!
"Cargo Cults" editorial illustration
sculpture by Todd St. John. Didn't you learn elementary band saw technique in illustration school??
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